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17 Jul 2007


The Safety Officer is the special staff officer responsible for coordinating safety activities throughout the command. The Safety Officer responsibilities include:
-Develops, supervises and monitors command safety and occupational health programs, risk management programs for all operations and activities in the command, and accident prevention programs.
-Assists the commander and staff in integrating risk management into the planning, coordinating and development of plans and orders to protect the force from accidental loss.
-Prepares risk assessments and recommends appropriate risk reduction control measures for all operations.
-Manages, supervises, and conducts command safety and risk management training and education.

What does it take to be a Safety Professional?
-You must be sold on safety yourself, so that you will literally practice what you preach.
-You must have the energy, the effort and the enthusiasm to achieve success in your intent.
-You must have the common sense to recognize the difficulties of the task and the differences between individuals, keeping in mind that safety is but a minor item among the many other demands upon the time and energy of those with whom you will become involved.
-You must have the imagination to discover hazards and intent remedies, taking nothing for granted.

Contact Information:

Fort Knox Safety Officer: http://www.knox.army.mil/center/safety/

Eamil: Fort Knox Safety Office

Phone: 270.272.6059

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