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17 Jul 2007


Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics (G4), is the principal staff officer for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the command. The G4 is the link between the support unit and his commander and the rest of the staff. The G4 assists the support unit commander in maintaining logistics visibility with the commander and the rest of the staff. G4 responsibilities:

  • Logistics operations and plans, including developing with the G3 the logistics plan to support operations, coordinating with the G3 and G1 on equipping replacement personnel and units, coordinating with supporting unit commanders on the current and future support capability of that unit.
  • Supply, including determining supply requirements, recommending support and supply priorities, coordinating all classes of supply except medical supplies, coordinating the requisition, acquisition, and storage of supplies and equipment.
  • Maintenance, including monitoring and analyzing the equipment-readiness status, determining maintenance workload requirements, coordinating equipment recovery and evacuation operations, determining maintenance time lines.
  • Transportation, including operational and tactical planning to support movement control, coordinating transportation assets for other services, coordinating with the G3 for logistics planning of tactical troop movements.
  • Services, including coordinating the construction of facilities and installations - except for fortifications and signal systems, coordinating field sanitation, coordinating for establishing an organizational clothing and equipment operation, coordinating or providing food preparation, water purification, mortuary affairs, aerial delivery, laundry, shower, and clothing and light textile repair.

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